E2 provides efficient, safe, and cost-effective pipeline integrity management solutions to clients throughout the US and Canada. We understand the pressures to maintain operations safely, reliably, and with confidence. We work with each client and tailor our approach to in-line inspect, assess, examine, and retrofit each pipeline to meet their unique regulatory, safety and operational needs. In the past three years, E2 has pigged 1156+ miles of pipeline and retrofitted 256+ miles of pipeline. In the past year, we have debris mapped 648+ miles of 6″-36″ pipelines in-line inspected using caliper pig runs to map and measure debris deposits to design effective cleaning programs.

In-Line Inspection

  • On-Line and Off-Line
  • Surveying and Setting AGMs
  • Pig Tracking

Debris Mapping

Pipeline Cleaning Services

  • Sand Jetting
  • Pigging via Mechanical and Chemical Methods

Strength Testing

Bell Hole Inspection

Pipeline Abandonment and Retirement

Electronic Field Data Collection, Traceable, Verifiable and Complete using E2 M2M®