Our reputation for technical expertise and dependability is backed by a legacy of quality and the proven ability to deliver spanning more than three decades.


With a team of former federal operations specialists, we operate, maintain, and manage infrastructure, utilities, treatment systems, and other base facilities, including routine surveillance, operations, maintenance, and management activities.


We collaborate with clients to provide cost-effective solutions for utility projects ranging from comprehensive program management and project controls to turn-key integrity management services. Our senior leadership is hands-on, involved in each project and dedicated to our clients’ success, providing the expertise, resources, and problem-solving skills necessary to deliver.


We work to deliver these utilities safely, efficiently, and in compliance with regulatory requirements. Many of our clients are investing in their infrastructure to ensure safe operations and to minimize environmental impacts.


Innovations in technology are changing how we learn, communicate, work, and live. Behind this innovative force of change, are millions of bright minds working across campuses, research facilities, and manufacturing plants throughout the world.


As infrastructure continues to age and demands increase, we work alongside our clients to keep people and goods moving. Our success spans managing large, complex, multi-year portfolios to individual projects for some of California’s most impacted transportation systems.


E2 has continuously provided water and wastewater engineering services to public and private clients for 35+ years. We continue to partner with clients to provide innovative solutions such as recycled water and desalination plants to meet growing water needs.