E2 M2M® Modules and Functions


E2 M2M® Projects

Project shell configurations of work-breakdown structure, project locations and integration with GIS data.

Manage project team and configure email notifications and report delivery options for team members.

Interactive project calendar. Set important dates and make sure team members get reminders as needed.

Define work review process and chain of command dynamically.

E2 M2M® Contacts

Track personnel, contractors and people associated to projects.

Track credentials, certifications and expiration dates. Set alerts for management.

Configure communication preferences for personnel or users.

E2 M2M® Daily Logs

Track day to day field operations, notes and timesheet.

Track daily activity totals and running project totals by person and by team at the chief level.

Get live metrics, progress reports and insight into field operations.

Provides ownership to your organization of generated documentation.

E2 M2M® Cloud Media

Secure and fast storage of photos or videos taken in the field.

Integrate collected media with other modules, reports or give visibility to users via the web portal.

Integration of media with enhanced GIS.


Pipe Tally

Track items and attributes of material received within the project.

Track status and material usage in relation to construction activities.

Integrate QR and bar code creation and reading directly in construction and inspection modules.

Reconcile material usage and generate Material Job Reports. Integrate with existing asset tracking management systems.

Direct Assessment and Pipeline Condition Reports

Track direct assessment reports and documentation.

Integrate photos and defect sketch diagrams into documentation.

Satisfies regulatory requirements to calculate MAOP.

Welding Module

Tracks essential variables pre-configured for weld procedures.

Allows multiple users to work and update information on the same report.

Track visual and NDE testing procedures.

Automatically assign weld numbers and prevent accidental duplication of weld numbers.

Allows user to select welder and auto-enter pre-defined information preventing documentation errors like incorrect stencil numbers.

Implement data validations to ensure consistent and complete data gathering is done. Users must provide certain values to proceed to other sections fields.

Generate reports and total for daily and project totals.

Integrate to enhanced GIS data collection and GNSS receivers to collect high precision GPS shots on the field.

Coating Module

Integrate with Pipe Tally to prevent documentation errors with incorrect data input of welds or coated items.

Integrate with ToolKit Tracker to alert of calibrations expiration dates which are vital to ensuring Inspections are performed properly.

Integrate with Welding Module to ensures all coatings necessary are performed. Alert if inspectors accidentally miss or skip and welds.

Implement data validations to ensure consistent and complete data gathering is done. Users must provide certain values to proceed to other sections fields.

NDE Testing Module

Tracks X-ray testing of welding and logs rejections.

Integrate with Welding Module to prevent missed tests or testing a segment twice.

Supports tracking of NDE tests using MT, PT, RT and UT test methods.

Tracks UG, essential IQI and other important attributes to reduce the risk of potential audit findings issues from missing or incorrect data.

Backfill/Padding Module

Provides horizontal stationing calculations to track daily progress.

Document soil type characteristics.

Integrate into EcoAssessments module to track soil samples.

Field Documents

Provide end users with access to important project documents in PDF or Word format such as permits, right of way letters, and job book documents.

Documents are organized in folders and searchable. Push updates of documentation to the field instantly.

Allow users to upload documents from the field.

Submittals Tracking

Tracks project submittals and approval process.

Allow users to collaborate and comments on submittals processes.

Automatically notify users via email when due dates are nearing.

Associated reports or media stored in E2M2M® or add additional relevant files or documents.

Toolkit Tracker

Track equipment and toolkits assigned to field personnel or contractors.

Track calibration and expiration dates of sensitive equipment.

Setup alerts if equipment close to calibration date expirations is used or create reminders.

Contractor Resources

Track equipment and personnel involved during construction activities.

Generate reports for tracking and approving resources.

Track resource usage over time to calculate cost and forecast resource needs using predictive data analysis.

E2 M2M® WeatherTrack

Tracks data generated from weather APIs along your projects’ locations.

Set alerts when conditions are not appropriate for certain field activities (like coating or welding).

Auto-populate weather conditions data in inspection modules.


E2 M2M® Web Portal

Allows non-field end-users or third parties access and visibility to data being entered on the field.

Users can view daily log reports, data generated in modules, media, up-to-date project information and access PDFs of generated reports.

Allow supervisors or users up the chain of command visibility and ability to review and approve data directly on the web.

Access to dashboards, metrics, charts and statistics using up-to- date data.

QASR – Quality Assurance and Status Review

Automate continuous quality control on project metrics.

Documents trends in project delivery.

Quantifies status of projects.

Quality Control Audit Module

Collection of Construction Quality Assurance Field Audits findings.

Tailored queries to find data flags and gaps as per procedure requirements.

Generate necessary documentation and regulatory compliance documents.

Activity Tracking Web Portal

Tracks digs and isolations on pipeline construction and retrofitting.

One point status update for all stages of construction cycle.

Integrate with GIS and access web based GIS Dashboards to analyze data.

Automate alerts and reports around due dates and high risk operations.

RFI and Change Orders

Tracks status of RFIs and allows summaries for program management.

Generate and track Change Order requests.

Automates business rules for processing RFIs and Change Orders.

Integrates with Daily Logs and field documentation automatically.

Non-Conformance Reports

Track Non-Conformance issues detected during field work.

Automated business rules for issuing Non-Conformance reports.

Integrates with Daily Logs and field documentation automatically.


Allow field users to enter and submit timesheet directly within E2 M2M®.

Implement a timesheet review and approval process. Customize overtime and time entry rules.

Customize data exports to integrate to existing accounting systems.

Data exports compatible with Deltek, Ajera, QuickBooks, Oracle Primavera and more.

Site Visitors Log

Track and document visitors and other personnel that visit field sites.

Hand your visitors an iPad to provide them with an “in-app” sign- up sheet.

Generate compliance documentation and track clearance on high-security sites.

Training and Standards Documentation

Provide end users with access to PDFs to your internal standards and operating procedures.

Documents are organized in folders and searchable. Push updates of documentation to the field instantly.

Provide users with “in-app” short videos to help with training and field support.

Safety Meetings and Accident Reports

Track attendance and topics of on- going safety meetings.

Track accident reports and generate documentation.

Cross-check credentials tracked in system to ensure qualifications are met for work to be performed.


Enhanced GIS Integrations

Customize data schema to your needs or adapt to existing GIS data schemas.

Create automated routines to populate GIS schema with data collected from E2 M2M® construction and inspection modules.

Perform data quality controls and validate accuracy of data collected.

Integrate with ESRI geodatabase schemas, Google Maps and Google Earth APIs and export to KMZ files.

GIS Data Collection

Connect via Bluetooth or special dongles GNSS receivers and capture sub-meter, sub-foot or sub- inch geo data directly in E2 M2M®.

Capture data directly from inspection and construction modules.

Capture single points, multiple points or capture data streams with all GNSS metadata directly from receivers.

Supports data post-processing services.

E2M2M® ILI “Pigging” Module

Live time-stamped tracking of pig by users on the field.

Live charts and dashboard of pig progress, speed, pipe pressure and ETA to pipe segments.

Compare charts and data across different runs.

Notifications to field users via email, text or on-screen notifications.

E2 M2M® Team Collaboration Web Portal

Track, organize and collaborate on topics like internal requests for information or external and regulatory data requests.

Assign team members to respond to specific inquiries, setup a review process and produce documentation with responses.

Automatically notify users via email when they are added to response teams or when due dates are nearing.

Associated reports or media stored in E2 M2M® or add additional relevant files or documents.

E2 M2M® EcoAssessments

Environmental surveying and field assessments.

Collect data and produce stormwater reports.

E2 M2M® Boring Logs

Collection of soil cutting descriptions.

Validation rules for USGS Soil classification groups.

Production of boring log reports and exports for other geoscientific.

E2 M2M® Well Construction

Construction material depths and quantities tracking.

Below grade depths and as-built specifications.

Production of well construction drawings and exports for other geoscientific applications.

E2 M2M® Well Development and Sampling

Collection of development progress. Groundwater parameters.

Sampling information collection. Smart calculations for volumes and parameter stabilization requirements.

Samples CoC.

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