Enhancing Public Safety

From providing clean water to cleaning up environmental contamination to inspecting gas pipelines to operating Department of Energy facilities, E2 is actively engaged in enhancing the safety of the public.

Protecting the Environment


Whether cleaning up legacy contamination, designing treatment facilities, or sampling storm water, E2 focuses on environmental protection that exceeds extant regulatory requirements.

Operating and Maintaining Public Infrastructure

Recognizing that we hold a position of public trust as we operate and maintain public infrastructure guides us whether we are operating Department of Energy facilities, groundwater treatment plants, or maintaining environmental remedies.


Dedicated to “Excellence in Engineering,” E2 Consulting Engineers, Inc. (E2) was founded in 1988 to deliver environmentally focused services related to water and wastewater. Since then, the firm has grown and broadly diversified to provide engineering, environmental consulting, oil and gas pipeline, infrastructure operations, and remediation-related services. Since the firm’s founding, the management team has balanced growth with fiscal prudence, resulting in a solid, financially stable business, sustained growth, and loyal clients and employees.


E2 provides turnkey inspection and integrity services for oil & gas pipeline systems to keep them safe and productive and prolong asset life.


E2 helps clients deliver large, complex, multi-year portfolios of related projects, providing project management, cost and schedule control, risk management, and more.


E2’s engineering offerings include project planning and feasibility studies through design, bidding assistance, and construction management, and operational guidance.


E2’s environmental services include a full spectrum of environmental remediation, compliance, monitoring, and regulatory compliance support.


E2 operates, maintains, and manages infrastructure, utilities, treatment systems, and other non-nuclear facilities, including routine surveillance and maintenance activities.


E2 provides highly qualified, experienced professionals on staff augmentation contracts using professional recruiters and our database of 5,000-plus professionals.

Business Size: Small Business (NAICS 562910)
Employees: Approximately 450
Diversity Categories: NMSDC Certified MBE

Canadian Integrity Management Services ULC (CIMS) is a subsidiary of E2 Consulting Engineers, Inc., USA, which was established in 2016 to further support E2’s Oil and Gas, Utilities division north of the lower 48. CIMS will follow E2’s successful model to deliver our clients solutions.