E2 M2M®

E2 M2M® streamlines the myriad of data required by complex projects, programs, and activities. A proprietary cloud-based application, E2 M2M® facilitates traceable, verifiable, and complete data collection and sharing for increased transparency and efficiency. Multiple field and office teams use E2 M2M® concurrently, logging information such as boring logs, field notes, water levels, site pictures, videos, inspection reports, chains-of-custody, and daily operations logs.

We partner with clients to understand their internal processes and can customize E2 M2M® to streamline workflows, increase efficiencies, and integrate with client applications to improve data quality and completeness. E2 M2M® is used by clients including the Environmental Protection Agency, Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern Company Gas, and SEMPRA Energy. There are approximately 400 users with a close split between field and office personnel.

Construction and Inspection

  • Pipe Tally
  • Direct Assessment & Pipeline Condition Reports
  • Welding Module
  • Coating Module
  • NDE Testing Module
  • Backfill/Padding Module
  • Field Documents
  • Submittal Tracking
  • Toolkit Tracker
  • Contractor Resources
  • E2 M2M® WeatherTrack
  • Environmental Inspections



Project and Program Management

  • E2 M2M® Web Portal
  • QASR – Quality Assurance & Status Review
  • Quality Control Audit Module
  • Dig Tracking Web Portal
  • RFI & Change Orders
  • Non-Conformance Reports
  • Timecards
  • Site Visitors Log
  • Training and Standards Documentation
  • Safety Meetings & Accident Reports
  • Enhanced GIS Integrations
  • GIS Data Collection
  • Team Collaboration Web Portal