You power the world. We help keep operations efficient, safe, and in compliance with regulatory requirements to minimize disruptions. Our senior leadership team is composed of former oil, gas, and utility operators, engineers, inspectors, and integrity management specialists. We understand the risk, maintenance, opportunities and challenges of safely transmitting and distributing electricity, gas and oil.

We work alongside clients to provide cost-effective solutions for oil, gas and utility projects ranging from comprehensive program management to turn-key integrity management services. Exceptional client service is the cornerstone of our company. Our senior leadership is hands-on, involved in each project and dedicated to our clients’ successes, providing the expertise, resources, and problem-solving skills necessary to deliver.

Pipeline Integrity Management

  • In-Line Inspection
  • Debris Mapping
  • Pipeline Cleaning Services
    • Sand Jetting
    • Pigging via Mechanical and Chemical Methods
  • Strength Testing
  • Direct Examination

Project Delivery and Project Controls

  • Project Management and Coordination
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Project Engineering
  • Cost Estimating
  • Risk Analysis and Risk Management
  • Project Controls Cost Analysis
  • Scheduling
  • Procurement Support
  • Document Controls

Engineering, Retrofit and Design

  • Pipeline Engineering/Design
    • Plan/Profile Engineering and Design
    • Pipeline Retrofit for In-Line Inspection
    • Trenchless Design
  • Facility Engineering/Design
    • Regulation and Measurement
    • Valve Automation
    • Compression
    • Process/Mechanical

Construction Management and Field Inspection

  • Construction Management
  • Field Inspection
  • Construction Documentation
  • Electronic Field Data Collection, Traceable, Verifiable, Complete using E2 M2M®


  • Remediation
  • Monitoring and Permitting
  • Studies and Analyses