Department of Energy

National Energy Technology Laboratory Site Operations and Maintenance Services

The National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) supports the Department of Energy’s mission to advance the energy security of the United States. NETL implements a range of energy and environmental research and development programs in coal, natural gas, nuclear, and oil technologies. E2 is supporting NETL’s Albany, OR; Pittsburgh, PA; and Morgantown, WV campuses by providing experienced staff in site operations and maintenance encompassing all support necessary to maintain facility infrastructure.

E2 has more than 170+ full-time employees performing site operations support services for NETL. Our team of experts perform services including, but not limited to: site infrastructure and utilities operations; engineering, design, drafting and drawing; warehouse management; fleet management, motor pool and shuttle services; real and personal property management; mail room management and distribution; environmental, health and safety programs; emergency management and response programs; occupational health and medicine programs; janitorial services; and grounds maintenance.

E2 has provided NETL with program management services for their Emergency Response, Safety, Environmental, Off-Site Remediation, and Industrial Hygiene programs. E2 dramatically improved customer service through the development and implementation of an effective and efficient work planning-scheduling-execution process and effective application of corporate reachback support.

Contract Value
$116+ Million/Year


Team Size
170+ Employees

Working with them [E2 Staff] has made setbacks easy to resolve and implement. Each of them has taken great pride in their part to ensure jobs are well planned and prepared. Their loyalty, trustworthiness, and high morale is worthy of emulation by their peers.

Ronnie Pernell

Manager, Savannah River National Laboratory Outside Facilities