E2 provides a comprehensive range of oil & gas pipeline services aimed at helping our clients across the U.S. operate efficiently and meet regulatory requirements. E2 provides turn-key pipeline inspection and integrity services for oil & gas pipeline systems. These services include inspecting full pipeline systems, gas gathering systems, and public utility distribution and transmission systems. E2’s full-service integrity department provides above-ground marker (AGM) surveys, pig tracking, dig staking, and as-built surveys. Our services are compliant with the requirements of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) and those of state regulatory agencies, such as the Texas Railroad Commission and the California Public Utilities Commission. Our services, such as pipeline pigging programs, keep production at maximum levels, help prolong asset life, and reduce operational risks keeping costs low and performance optimum. For example, in the case of gas pipelines, build-up of debris and scale restricts the effective internal diameter of the pipeline and thereby the flow of gas and reduces sales of gas and the efficiency of its transmission. E2 focuses on helping clients to modernize old infrastructure; keep systems operating efficiently; comply with federal, state, and local regulations; and keep project teams and the public safe. E2 has a proven track record of continuous service with clients that include Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E), Florida Gas and Light, Atlanta Gas and Light, and Sempra Energy.


  • Construction Management and Inspection
  • Third-Party Inspection
  • Pipeline Replacement Support Services
  • Strength Testing
  • Pipeline Cleaning Services
    1. Sand Jetting
    2. Pigging via Mechanical and Chemical Methods
  • In-Line Inspection (ILI)
    1. On-Line and Off-Line
    2. Surveying and Setting AGMs
    3. Pig Tracking Services
  • Non-Traditional ILI
  • Corrosion Investigation and Mitigation
  • External Corrosion Direct Assessment (ECDA)
  • Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment (ICDA)


Canadian Integrity Management Services ULC (CIMS) is a subsidiary of E2 Consulting Engineers, Inc., USA, which was established in 2016 to further support E2’s Oil and Gas, Utilities division north of the lower 48. CIMS will follow E2’s successful model to deliver our clients solutions. Since then, the firm has grown and broadly diversified to provide engineering, environmental consulting, oil and gas pipeline, infrastructure operations, and remediation-related services. The management team has balanced growth with fiscal prudence, resulting in a solid, financially stable business, sustained growth, and loyal clients and employees.

CIMS provides a broad range of technical services ranging from initial project planning, environmental investigations, risk analysis, value engineering, and feasibility studies, through engineering design, construction management, project controls, and project management associated pipeline integrity. CIMS performs both as a prime contractor and a subcontractor on short- and long-term projects.

CONTACT CIMS: 1 (403) 919-3734