E2 operates, maintains, and manages infrastructure, utilities, treatment systems, and other non-nuclear facilities, including routine surveillance, operations and maintenance, and management activities. We work closely with our clients to efficiently maintain and operate their infrastructure in accordance with requirements from the DOE, state departments of health and environment, and other regulatory bodies. Examples of our infrastructure services include:


Providing support services that encompass all of the operations, maintenance, and other support tasks necessary to keep specialized federal facilities and complexes functioning efficiently is a core competence for E2. In addition to overall management, E2 provides utility system operations, facility and equipment maintenance, environmental, safety and health services, property management, warehousing, fleet management, roads and grounds, janitorial, and mail room support. E2 brings a vast array of skill sets and experience to providing these services safely, effectively, and efficiently.


Our start-up engineering services help clients reduce the time and expense associated with plant or facility start-up. Our experience extends from small auxiliary equipment to full-scale systems and encompasses activities from pre-operational equipment checks to post-operational troubleshooting. We have the capabilities to eliminate unexpected and common problems encountered during this critical phase of a project.

We offer expertise for every facet of start-up engineering services including:

  • Start-Up Plans
  • Test Specifications and Procedures
  • I&C Calibration
  • Acceptance Tests
  • Design Compliance
  • O&M Manuals / Plans
  • Document & Data Control
  • Facility Turn-Over Package

E2 understands that start-up delays present significant risks to our clients. Our experienced start-up team can assess and provide valuable input to the testing protocols and schedule to minimize delays and cost overruns. E2 can also provide the required test documentation to meet DOE standards for Management Self-Assessment, Readiness Assessment, and Operations Readiness Review.


E2 has played major roles in the planning and implementation of Cold & Dark and decontamination & demolition (D&D) activities in the DOE Complex since 1999. E2 has recently been supporting the DOE clean-up mission by providing D&D support services (work planning, project management, field supervision, and craft labor) at the Savannah River, Hanford, Idaho, Separations Process Research Unit (SPRU), and West Valley sites.